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Photo of Paster Leon BenjaminMAGABLACK is not the traditional conservative activist organization. It is rather a collection of very concerned Americans coming together for the preservation of their Freedom; many for the first time. These individuals have been jolted by the truth of the deliberate destruction of our Republic. The malevolent regime currently occupying the banks Potomac is diligently working to strip God given liberties away from every American. Their goal is to create a Marxist “utopia” controlled by the globalist elite, but their propaganda and gaslighting is losing its once blinding effect.

Americans see the results of Globalist Marxist efforts, not only in America, but worldwide. The recent destruction and death in Israel and Gaza are perpetrated by Iranian funded Hamas terrorists. The USD’s gifted to the Mullahs by the Biden regime and its globalist allies facilitate the torture, rape, and slaughter innocents there with the significant possibly of coming to our shores.

Biden policies allow similar atrocities to occur at our Southern border and the streets of Chicago, Portland, Washington DC, and other Leftist dominated areas. We are seeing poverty, crime, and moral decay increasingly on the rise. The proliferation of this chaos and misery began many years ago. But, in January of 2021 when Joe Biden shuffled into the Oval Office the facade crumbled. The chaos intensified exponentially for all to witness. It is consuming civilization itself.

If America is to survive THIS MUST CHANGE!

Black Americans have long been deceived and exploited by Marxists leaning Democrats. LBJ’s Great Society allowed the exploitation to increase dramatically. Since then, the lies, hollow promises, and gaslighting have continued by politicians and bureaucrats seeking power and then ignoring Black Americans until the next time their ballots were needed. This cycle is all too familiar. It has obliterated trust in government, hope, and brought about hateful divisions of class, race, and gender.

In 2016, with the election of Donald J. Trump, the exploitation was significantly rescinded. While campaigning Trump asked Black Americans what they had to lose by casting a vote for him rather than another liberal democrat in the form of Hillary Clinton. Once elected his promises were fulfilled, and the benefits were almost immediately apparent.

During Trump’s first term this Republic enjoyed the best economy of its history. Peace, prosperity, and a restoration of hope was made available to all Americans. Black and Brown Americans especially enjoyed record high employment and a taste of the American dream as never before.

For decades Democrats, aided by a corrupt media, have exploited the Black community with lies. It has been taken for granted Black Americans would always vote for democrats. This is changing, and with the political persecution of Donald Trump, and all Americans who support him, it is changing quickly. Black Americans have endured the pain of a corrupt judicial system, and they recognize it for what it is. They recognize the unjust treatment of Donald Trump, the one man who made good on his promises to them. They understand what is at stake for him and for America.

It is an indisputable fact that this nation is divided and the slightest movement in support levels for candidates will determine the outcomes of legitimate elections. The goal of MAGABLACK is to harness the energy of this increasing awareness of our desperate situation by facilitating the much-needed organization to save our Republic.

The Marxist Left has the advantage of organizing its minions since most possess a “hive-mind” and are held together by desperate need for validation of their feelings and twisted ideology; they are “joiners.” Conservative and Independent Americans tend to think as individuals without the insatiable need to “join” or be “validated” by others. This makes “organizing” a much greater challenge.

MAGABLACK is unique. The team leading MAGABLACK has a proven track record of success in grassroots “organizing” of conservatives, independents, and even libertarians. The key to their success is an understanding of the Left’s effective organizational structures and the “non-hive mind” of God-fearing individual liberty loving independent thinking patriotic Americans.

The following is a general description of the MAGABLACK field program:


  • Black and Brown Communities in the following Cities:
    • Atlanta
    • Philadelphia
    • Milwaukee
  • Black males 18-34
  • Aspiring professionals/entrepreneurs
  • Clergy
  • Recent College Graduates
  • Independent/unaffiliated voters
  • families at charter or tuition tax created schools enroll


The lawfare being used to persecute/prosecute Donald Trump and his supporters is bringing many in the black community into solidarity with him. In addition the growing recognition of the failures of decades Leftist programs that have destroyed individuals, families, and whole communities.

Recent polling has shown that Black Americans, especially men ages 18-34, are increasingly frustrated with their hopes for a prosperous future. The effect of government and media gaslighting is diminishing greatly. Many of these young men believe nothing that is being propagated.

High unemployment and underemployment rates, inflation, rising crime rates, and the destruction of social institutions has reached alarming levels that directly affect this group, as well as others.


  • Project Management Team: Oversee and coordinate all project components.
  • Metro Director: Coordinates activities in the Metro area.
  • County Coordinator: Manages activities in counties.
  • Precinct Managers: Manages activities in key precincts.
  • Communications Team: Work with all leadership to create content, and coordinate messaging, place media, and create earned media.
  • Social media team including influencers.